What I do

I speak to cinemas about what’s working now and what isn’t with their audiences. Then I come up with a plan to maximise the most of the former and change the latter. I then help deliver the plan.

In my experience, coming up with a strategy and then disappearing isn’t going to help much. So I stick around and help get things on track. What I help with is as specific as the cinemas themselves, but practically speaking a few things I can help with are…

  • Writing an audience development strategy and delivering it
  • Creating and making use of customer relationship management systems to grow audiences
  • Preparing outreach and marketing strategies
  • Analysing current audiences (including surveying, segmenting and focus groups)
  • Faciliating away days to develop vision and purpose
  • Brand development or redevelopment, including tone of voice

If any of this sounds like something that could help you, get in touch and we can work on something that’s right for what you’re up against. 

I am also very happy to speak at your event or moderate a panel. I have some thoughts about how to do that best!

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